Transkor is the world’s leader in innovation of the Magnetic Tomography Method (MTM). Our enterprise performs the following activities: designing and manufacturing of unique devices and systems for non-destructive testing of technical condition of pipeline systems (including unpiggable), and also carrying out works for increasing reliability and safety with our products in the sectors of the national economy related to operation of pipelines, reservoirs, etc. For the last 16 years the patented metal control devices for 100% of the pipelines has passed the large-scale industrial approbation at the facilities of 30 countries , in the largest operators of the oil and gas sector and confirmed the reliability of the data at a level of more than 85%.


MTM is based on Villari effect (magneto-elasticity, of inverse magnetostriction). When subject to mechanical deformation (or stress), metal changes its magnetization. The basis of MTM integrity concept is the fact that it is not defects themselves that are dangerous for metal snd constructions, but local combination of defects and high stress is. MTM is capable of remote detection of stress concentration spots in pipe metal by analyzing its magnetic eld. It detects areas with stress concentrators (defects and locally applies forces) and determines the danger degree of these areas.