Transkor is planting trees

7 June 2021

Transkor is planting trees

Dear Partners

Transkor-K Company performs its business activities with ESG principles of steady development that is responsible attitude toward the environment, social and standards of governance.

Responsible attitude to environment assume compensating of the carbon footprint from the company’s operations.

The experts of the "Plant the Forest" project calculate that 60 trees need to be planted in a year to offset the carbon footprint of Transkor-K's office in Moscow.

Starting this activity, in May we paid for the first 20 trees to be planted - see verifying certificate.

We will inform you about the results of these activities on our website.

Besides, Transkor-K will offset the company's carbon footprint when executing projects both in Russia and abroad.

Calculation of the amount of compensation will be carried out for each project individually and this will be indicated in the preparation of a commercial offer.

Upon completion of the project, the Partner will be provided with materials confirming the planting of the required number of trees for compensation.

Dear Partners, the use of MTM technology is fully consistent with the ESG principles of doing business and contributes to the creation of a "carbon-neutral" company that takes environmental responsibility.

Let's make our Planet cleaner together!!!

Транскор сажает деревья

Carbon footprint - one of the components of the ecological footprint. Denotes the total greenhouse gas emissions produced by people, organization, product lifecycle, project, city, state. It is measured in tons of CO2 equivalent. To understand the required amount of carbon footprint compensation, it is converted to the area of forest needed to consume the greenhouse gases left over after most of them have been absorbed by the ocean.