Is an engineering, scientifc, consulting, contracting and trading company specialized on the field of pipeline integrity.

Was founded in 2002 in Moscow, Russia as an organization to help Oil and Gas industry.  

Symbolizes the professionalism in advanced services standards of the company. The experience and reputation of our services is our top priority.

The key businesses are:

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT CENTER TRANSKOR-K has some most competent as well as experienced local technical personnel with PhD/MSc/diploma qualifications and scientists/experts from pipeline construction, material, corrosion, engineering, software and hardware development, research and development.

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT CENTER TRANSKOR-Kis currently servicing the Oil & Gas industries, chemical/petrochemical and nuclear industries, power generation, pulp & paper industries and water transportation sector. Our services are in demand all over the world. The Company is fully committed to improving quality, value added and competitive services. 

The key technology developed by RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT CENTER TRANSKOR-K is the Magnetic Tomography Method (MTM) of pipeline inspection which includes the follows but not limited are: